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Individual dental and vision plans are extremely necessary for you and your family, especially with more and more employers only paying for Health insurance these days. Whether you are losing group coverage or you are simply looking for a more affordable dental or vision plan, MWG Direct makes it simple by providing you with a wide variety of plans.

We work with some of the best-known carriers and products in the marketplace. These plans provide affordable choices for individual and family dental and vision care with an extensive national provider network.

3 Questions a Good Dental Insurance Quote Will Answer

Shopping for dental coverage means having to wade through a ton of dental insurance quotes. It may seem tedious, but there's really no way around it. After all, if you don't compare quotes, you'll never know if you're really getting the best deal.

However, if they're really going to help you, good dental insurance quotes need to offer specific answers. You should be able to look at each quote and get the answers to these 3 questions:

Is this a dental PPO plan?

You may not know exactly how a PPO and an HMO are different, but you'll need to know which type of plan your quote applies to. A dental PPO plan is usually much cheaper than an HMO. By knowing which one you're dealing with, you'll know if the premium amount in your quote is a good deal or not.

Why is a dental PPO plan cheaper?

In most cases, you get to take advantage of lower rates with a PPO because of the approved provider list. Your plan will require you to visit certain dentists to take advantage of your benefits. In order to be approved by your insurance company, your dentist will agree to charge discounted rates. Since the insurance company will save money on your treatment, they'll pass their savings onto you!

Does this include full dental coverage?

Good dental insurance quotes won't just give you a premium price and call it a day. Instead, they'll give you a detailed summary of the policy. That way, you'll be able to see what's covered and what's not -- and see if the plan is really a good deal or not.

If you're getting full dental coverage, expect to pay a little bit more than you would for a plan that excludes a number of services. If you get a high quote for a dental plan that seems to exclude a bunch of stuff, you can do better!

Is this family dental insurance cost-effective?

When you sign up for family dental insurance, you're supposed to get better deals than you would if each member of your family were to sign up for their own individual dental coverage. In fact, that's the entire point of getting a family plan!

The only way to tell if your family dental insurance quotes are cost-effective is to do the math. Are you paying less for premiums each month? Is your family's out-of-pocket maximum lower than it would be if you had to pay an out-of-pocket-maximum on each family member? Are you getting a better deal on your deductible than you would on an individual policy?